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Fish Spa Tanks

We specialize in the Consultancy Works for the Building & Construction of Customized Spa Pools, Tanks & Fish Ponds for the Setup of Doctor Fish Therapy Treatment and also Providing Accurate Analysis for the Configuration of Water Conditions to Ensure a Safe Living Environment for the Garra Rufa fishes.


Our Garra Rufas are Authentic & Harvested from the wilds at their natural habitat to give you the best responsive treatment at



If you are looking to setup a new fish spa business without hassle,




We can ship our tanks directly to you!

All you will need to do is to plug in and you are ready to go!


All tanks are built and configured for the safe keeping of Garra Rufas and for the hygienic use of treatment.


We can customize tanks accordingly to your requirements if required.


Here are 2 of our more popular tanks for shipping: 


Single Seat (Fibre Glass or Glass) Full System Tank
Ready for Shipping & Usage

Double Seat (Glass) Full System Tank
Choice of Bench Design
Ready for Shipping & Usage

We also provide Interior Design & Landscaping Services...


Afraid of high start up costs?


Afraid of not getting the right deals? 


Afraid of dealing with unaccredited companies?


Call us for the BEST Consultancy & Cost Saving DEALS TODAY!


This Service is Available Internationally!



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